Psychiatric Medication:
Prescribing the right psychiatric medication requires knowledge of science, long experience working with the pharmaceutical options, and diagnostic acumen on the part of the psychiatrist.  This treatment is a complex process only effectuated by a psychiatrist with psychopharmacological training and ongoing up-to-date medical information at hand.  All proposed medications are explained in detail and possible side-effects are discussed.

Psychotherapy (Talk Therapy):
This is a process that can be brief or more extended depending upon circumstances.  It can be approached utilizing cognitive therapy, insight psychotherapy or life coaching.  The talk therapy approach will be determined by Dr. Frogel and the patient together.  Additionally, medication may be decided upon.

Cognitive Therapy:
This is a deep investigation of life’s problems and emotional difficulties by discussion of personal relationships, social living and interactions, work and retirement, with some focus on past life events as they relate to present day issues.

Insight Psychotherapy:
This process looks to the origins of the symptoms and conflicts by reviewing the past as well as the present.  Past family history is examined as well as growth experiences.

Life Coaching:
This is the most goal-directed talk therapy approach.  Dr. Frogel works with the patient to provide:

  • Advice and direction
  • Help in making immediate life decisions
  • Long-term life planning
  • Help with problems of retirement
  • Help with marital problems

Marriage Counseling:
Members of a couple are seen separately and together, depending on the situation.  Goals for this work are set at the beginning and re-evaluated periodically.